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January 13, 2009

What is your favorite race car of all time? The results.

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Tabulations of informal poll on

Recently I asked on “what is your favorite race car of all time?”  The response was relatively heavy with 48 responses, about triple the number of any other discussion in this motorsport group.  Each response and each car mentioned were tallied as a vote, providing more than 100 cars mentioned as the favorite.  Some responders could not narrow the field to just one, so they mentioned several cars.  Each was given one vote.  Here are the results of my informal poll.

Here are some interesting facts:
No current F1 car mentioned
No current Indy Car mentioned
No current NASCAR mentioned
Ferraris appear in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 00s.

The decade that the favorite car first appears
20’s and 30’s                         2%
40’s                                     0%
50’s                                     6%
60’s                                     31%
70’s                                     28%
80’s                                     18%
90’s                                     11%
00’s                                     4%

The basic classification of race car
Racing Sports Car                 46%
Formula One                        18%
Can-Am                                12.5%
Indy                                     10%
Other various                         13%

The marque of the favorite car
Porsche                                13%
Lotus                                   11%
Ferrari                                  10%
Ford (various)                        7%
Chevy (various)                     6%
McLaren                                6%
Chaparral                              4%
Tyrell                                   3%
Shadow                                3%
Maserati                               3%
Jaguar                                  2%
Mercedes                              2%
Others                                  30%

And, drum roll please….

The favorite race car of all time by specific name is….

1. Porsche 917
2. McLaren Can-Am M8 series
3. Porsche 956/962

Thanks to all who participated.  In the end, it seems to be a pretty accurate list of some of the greatest race cars of all time! 


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